Your business may not need a library, but it needs a librarian! For everything from risk management to productivity enhancement, librarians pay for themselves, and then some. Worried about putting a librarian on staff?  How about a virtual librarian, at your service? It’s flexible, affordable, and pays for itself in many different ways.

Having a formal library was never a priority for many businesses. If nothing else, it was seen as a troubling necessity or a cost of doing business.  Today, with increasing digitization and greater mobility, many corporate libraries have been dismantled and the space repurposed.

Yet one part of the library function has become more valuable than ever, and that’s the librarian. Every business sector now competes in a knowledge-driven, digital economy, which means every business can benefit from the specialized skills and experience of a competent librarian.

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Photo of John DiGilio John DiGilio

As an information professional and visionary, John DiGilio has over 20 years of large law firm library and legal information vendor experience. He has proudly been affiliated with some of the largest law firms and information vendors in the industry. An award winning writer and popular speaker, John believes in the value of information and the power it can bring when harnessed wisely and efficiently.

John is the Vice President of Research & Intelligence at LAC Group. He has written for numerous regional and national publications as well as taught college and graduate courses in such topics as business ethics, e-commerce, fair employment practices, research methodology and business law.