As e-mail systems crack down on the size of files that users are allowed to receive, it is becoming increasingly difficult to share large documents, media clips, and other big files with distant friends and colleagues.  Don’t fight the system.  Get wise and drop your files with – a real time sharing site that

Screencasting is all the rage these days.  From longer demonstrations to short how-tos to quick hellos, folks are using screencasts to make up for the lack of being able to to be everywhere all the time.  Navigating the technology needed to create these screencasts can be a little daunting, however.  Thankfully, there is a sleek

Although shopping for groceries is not necessarily a library or research function, the iBraryGuy team recently came across a resource that was too good not to share with our professional colleagues.  Besides, we know that you all take your shopping seriously and that, as a whole, librarians are an uber-organized bunch.  Thus, today's review and

Are you a newshound who is fiendish for fact checking?  You can admit it.  Most of us in the library and information professions are.  We unflinchingly warn our patrons to cast a critical eye towards such concerns as authority, accuracy, and authenticity (the "three As" of facuality).  Mistakes among our trusted resources are often sure