Earlier this month, PACER announced court documents for closed cases from the last decade in the U.S. Courts of Appeals of the Second, Seventh, Eleventh, and Federal circuits, as well as documents from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California will no longer be electronically available. More details, including the specific date ranges of what cases have been removed, are available here. Will users react to this event by increasing their use of free PACER alternatives currently available on the internet? The immediate reactions to this news have been justifiably critical of PACER’s actions:
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Tech news sites are literally a dime a dozen these days.  So many seem to look and feel the same.  When we first discovered Ars Technica, we were pleasantly surprised with its refreshing interface and interactivity.  It was an even bigger surprise to learn that AT is a Conde Nast site.  That’s right, it