Sometimes we all just need a break. That was just what I took after so many years of writing, blogging, and curating. But as I said at the time, it was not a good-bye . . . but rather a ‘see you later’. I am thrilled today to be able to say that ‘later’ is now! Today marks the return of both of my blogs, informed.JD (this one) and iBraryGuy. While informed.JD is focused solely on technology for legal research and geared towards attorneys, iBraryGuy covers all things related to law libraries and the legal information profession. I hope to see you on one or both!

But, in the words of so many great informercialists, that is not all . . .
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As you have probably heard by now, the company for which I work has tied the knot again. This time, we have acquired the competitive intelligence firm of ShiftCentral. Based in Canada and known for its exceptional team of business and market researchers and analysts, our combined portfolio of services and specialties promises to