I recently had the pleasure of presenting a webinar on maintaining a work-life balance. Having worked for some very large law firms and corporations in a managerial capacity, I know all too well the struggle of having a life while also holding down a job about which you are passionate. If there is one thing I know from experience, it is that opportunities for continued learning are critical to that balance. Part of creating a rewarding work-life balance requires that we carve out time for education.
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When looking to learn a new language, the choices for how to go about doing so seem endless.  From immersion classes to software to books, the language education business is big and booming.  If you want something simple, effective, and online, why not give LiveMocha a try?

LiveMocha is a web-based system that puts a

America’s rapidly growing cultural diversity has having wide-ranging effects.  From our laws to our language to our elections, the “great American melting pot” is getting bigger ever day.  As wonderful as it may be, this increasingly complex weaving of the American fabric is also presenting new challenges as we seek to best cover all of