As if there were not already enough choices for shortening those long URLs, another one has launched.  And if it was not for the company launching it, we would probably not be paying it much attention.  But this is no run-of-the-mail-under-the-radar kind of unveiling.  This is Google’s new URL shortener, and it is not

Can it be that one of the most hyped new tools of the year has already met an early and untimely demise?  According to Google’s blog, the company has decided to end support for the much-anticipated and, apparently, hardly used Google Wave.  What can we say besides, “Google Wave, we hardly knew ye!”


Google unveiled a brand new look for its industry-dominating search engine yesterday.  The new 3-Column format is designed to make filtering searches and drilling down results easier than ever.  Some folks are praising the new interface.  Others, if you are following the comments on the various news feeds and blogs, are outraged and want their