Though the topic of remote or virtual working has been around for quite some time, the greater legal community has been slow in embracing the possibilities. There have long been a myriad of concerns that made working from home, for instance, rather unattractive to a profession that prides itself on strategically (and I might say ‘aesthetically’) appointed offices. With the global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, law firms have been given no choice but to throw that caution to the wind. The good news is that it seems to be working, i.e., we seem to still be working! But what does this mean behind the scenes, especially for litigators who are used to pressing the flesh? Our colleagues at PacerPro are asking litigators and techsperts directly and offering you the chance to listen in on a pair of live conversations this Thursday (April 16). It is all taking place online and registration is free!
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I had the pleasure of working with the folks at PacerPro this year to explore the power and direction of their SaaS model for managing and monitoring federal litigation. To merely  say that efficiency is the core on which their flagship product is constructed would do it a slight disservice.  There is much more to the platform and its potential than that. What resulted from my investigation is a white paper that details what PacerPro brings to the table and what it can do for law firms of all sizes.
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Looking to make your home and life a little more eco-friendly?  Being tech saavy and earth-conscious no longer has to be an oxymoron in practice.  No sir.  Let Envirogadget help you green up the world with a little bit of fun and flare.

From water-powered clocks to bug zappers that get their power from the

We all have them … old gadgets that were great at the time, but which we have since replaced with something newer and/or different.  The problem is what we do with these old tech toys when we no longer want them.  Please do not throw those old tech toys away!  Why put them in landfills