Sometimes we all just need a break. That was just what I took after so many years of writing, blogging, and curating. But as I said at the time, it was not a good-bye . . . but rather a ‘see you later’. I am thrilled today to be able to say that ‘later’ is now! Today marks the return of both of my blogs, informed.JD (this one) and iBraryGuy. While informed.JD is focused solely on technology for legal research and geared towards attorneys, iBraryGuy covers all things related to law libraries and the legal information profession. I hope to see you on one or both!

But, in the words of so many great informercialists, that is not all . . . Continue Reading Back and with a Big Scoop!

Though the topic of remote or virtual working has been around for quite some time, the greater legal community has been slow in embracing the possibilities. There have long been a myriad of concerns that made working from home, for instance, rather unattractive to a profession that prides itself on strategically (and I might say ‘aesthetically’) appointed offices. With the global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, law firms have been given no choice but to throw that caution to the wind. The good news is that it seems to be working, i.e., we seem to still be working! But what does this mean behind the scenes, especially for litigators who are used to pressing the flesh? Our colleagues at PacerPro are asking litigators and techsperts directly and offering you the chance to listen in on a pair of live conversations this Thursday (April 16). It is all taking place online and registration is free! Continue Reading Coping with working remotely? Litigators and techsperts offer advice!

It’s that time of year again!  The big thinkers, trend watchers, and professional prognosticators are blowing the dust off their crystal balls and asking you to weigh in on what you have been doing. I know most of us have already taken a survey or two regarding where our industry has been and where we see it going. That said, I am here today promoting yet one more. This one is easy! Continue Reading Survey says… LAC Group conducts law librarian survey. BE HEARD!

Originally posted, with graphics, on the LAC Group blog.

We live in an age of data overabundance, where it’s often difficult to identify important information and how it may be used to drive business growth.

As providers of market and competitive intelligence research services, we’re deeply familiar with ethical and legal concerns and the sometimes fine-line between intelligence gathering and espionage. Those issues don’t come up often, because the research we do involves secondary resources, not gathering intelligence firsthand or undercover. Continue Reading The Ethics of Competitive Intelligence

As you have probably heard by now, the company for which I work has tied the knot again. This time, we have acquired the competitive intelligence firm of ShiftCentral. Based in Canada and known for its exceptional team of business and market researchers and analysts, our combined portfolio of services and specialties promises to deliver great new added value to the clients of both corporations. The pairing also means that I get to work with some awesome new professionals, each of whom is every bit as excited about research and information services as me. I would like to take a moment to introduce you today to one of those new faces.

Please welcome Chris McKee, LAC Group’s new Director of Content & Curation Services as well as our new Director of Moncton Operations. We absolutely cannot wait to show you the fantastic work that Chris and his team can accomplish for you!

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Legal librarianship is constantly in a state of flux, with continual changes in job titles, habitual shifting of responsibilities and the explosion of legal artificial intelligence all playing a part. In January of this year, LAC Group surveyed their internal personnel about the future of law librarianship, based in part by the responses collected from the 2018 American Association of Law Librarians conference. The resulting blog post, Legal librarianship in 2019-2020, showcased three major takeaways: Continue Reading More thoughts on law firm research and librarianship

Former British prime minister and noted novelist Benjamin Disraeli is often credited with saying, “Change is inevitable. Change is constant.”  I may not care much for his politics, but I always found it an admirable admission from someone so well-known for his staunch conservatism. It is a pragmatic outlook on life that I have come to not only embrace but celebrate myself.  And so, it is with excitement that I share the news of big changes.  As of today, TiLT has a new name, a new look, and a brand new home.  Under the new moniker of informed.JD, my blog and I have joined the LexBlog platform! Continue Reading TiLT joins LexBlog with New Look and New Name! Welcome to informed.JD!

If you peruse the LAC Group blog, you’ll see many articles on the growing need for law firm librarians to demonstrate their value.

My colleague Ron Friedmann, a highly-respected expert in legal technology and knowledge management, recently presented on how law firm research and intelligence centers can contribute to firm profits. This was at an ARK (Applied Research & Knowledge) Group hosted conference, Best Practices & Management Strategies for Law Firm Library, Research & Information Services. LAC Group was a sponsor. Continue Reading Boosting your firm’s profits

Competitive intelligence (CI) can be especially valuable to private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) firms, which often operate somewhat in the dark within their industry segments. Holdings in newly-forming or niche industries have few public companies or established business models to provide adequate references for benchmarking and other meaningful insights. Continue Reading My latest for LAC: CI considerations for PE and VC firms